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Favorite reefs for snorkeling in Key West include Sand Key Lighthouse Sand Key Lighthouse, Eastern Dry Rocks, Western Dry Rocks, and Cottrell Key. You will usually have to go by boat tour, and the boat companies keep that info to themselves as the locations change depending on the daily conditions.


With literally hundreds of species of fish swimming around our shores, this activity is guaranteed to entertain. Each season provides it’s own opportunities. What can you catch?



Experience the beauty of Key West, underwater. Our partners offer many dive options, including taking a dive out to see the newly sunken Vandenberg, a 520-foot U.S. military missile-tracking ship! Truly a remarkable experience. Take a dive into the options available to you, and let us help plan your dream vacay.


Sightseeing in Key West can be done best while on the water. Feel the breeze on your skin, take in the incredible sights of wildlife, and set out on an adventure! Sail away into the sunset.


Let us help work the water activities into your overall plans.

If you’re not sure where to start, but you know you’re up for an adventure, shoot us a message. We got you covered! We’ll work any type of activity into your travel plans, customize the trip based on your interests, and make it an unforgettable time, guaranteed!