The origin of Key West's official motto: One Human Family


Here in Key West, our motto is “One Human Family.” The motto was created by local artist, J.T. Thompson in the early 2000’s. It began as a grassroots effort, which eventually spread to be accepted by locals as the official motto. The idea is simple: “All people are equal members of One Human Family” –regardless of race, nationality, sexuality, and other differences, he believes that "differences are superficial distinctions and cannot be allowed to be twisted into cultural divisions.”

The movement still continues to this day, and over 2 million stickers have been produced and distributed world-wide, even to places such as Tibet, Australia, Nigeria and the South Pole! Just like all great ideas, they begin with one person. Now, there is a group of volunteers working for the non-profit “One Human Family” in order to spread the good word that all humans are created equal and should be treated as such.


To keep the movement going, simply send a business size self-addressed, stamped envelope to One Human Family, P.O. Box 972, Key West, FL 33041, and you can join in.