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Saving Harry: the story of Harry the Healing Turtle & his trackable journey after release

Have you ever seen a dinosaur? Us neither, but we've come across a couple of amazing ancient animals here at Key West; many of them dating back to over 200 million years ago! Dinosaurs only about 65 million… true story. These ancient creatures have been around waaaay longer than all of us. Once Although they have survived much longer than us as a species, once in a while we cross paths with turtles that need our help to get back home. 

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The origin of Key West's official motto: One Human Family

Here in Key West, our motto is “One Human Family.” The motto was created by local artist, J.T. Thompson in the early 2000’s. It began as a grassroots effort, which eventually spread to be accepted by locals as the official motto. The idea is simple: “All people are equal members of One Human Family” –regardless of race, nationality, sexuality, and other differences, he believes that "differences are superficial distinctions and cannot be allowed to be twisted into cultural divisions.”

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Best times to visit Key West

Visiting Key West is all about timing & priorities. As natives, we know when the best times are to visit… not just the best weather, but also the best prices! Here’s your guide to knowing what peak season is, when to visit if you’re watching the wallet, and also when to expect rain. Along with each month, we’ve included a list of key events.

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Is Key West it's own country? Yes, and no...

If you don’t live in Key West, you may not be familiar with it’s (humorous) history. Key West residents were frustrated with US Border Patrol for setting up a checkpoint upon entry to the rest of Florida. After failed attempts to get them to take it away, the Mayor of Key West took matters into his own hands… announcing that the Conch Republic was seceding from the US!

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