Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden


Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden offering one of the last remaining fresh water ponds in the Keys, the forest and gardens are filled with butterflies, birds, plants and beautiful flowers.  A unique eco-system of native flora and fauna offers a habitat with over 23 species of butterflies naturally occurring in the Caribbean climate.

Originally created in 1936 during Franklin Roosevelts' New Deal the forest and gardens offer educational programs from elementary to college level.  Yoga classes are available for the meditation minded. The garden is a gorgeous place for weddings and special events.  It is home to the annual mid-summer nights dream festival - a celebration of the arts.  More than 50 artists and entertainers provide a day and evening filled with feasting, singing, dancing, poetry, painting and theatrical antics.  It's a delightful place to enjoy the natural sights and sounds of the Keys.